Mens Kit

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    Free Shaving Gel + Free Travel Bag

    Energising Anti-Age Serum – 30ml

    A serum that gives skin an invigorating dose of energy. This age prevention serum for men softens signs of skin fatigue and ageing. 

    Soothing Shaving Gel – 150ml

    A rapid shave gel packed with actives to help prevent cuts and irritation. With a compact texture, this gel helps the shaving blade glide across the skin, without causing redness.

    Redness Preventing After Shave Balm – 100ml

    The ultra-refreshing balm reduces irritation after shaving, the formula includes the unique and mysterious properties of Dragon’s Blood Extract, known to help wounds heal faster. With an added biotechnological complex that accelerates the healing process of micro-cuts, reduces redness and prevents impurities. This is an all in one aftershave that calms the skin, which will leave skin calm, fresh and relaxed even after a razor-sharp shave,


    Energising Anti-Age Serum

    Made with Siberian ginseng, an adaptogen that stabilises cell metabolism and activates the immune system, it improves the skin’s resistance to stress and extreme atmospheres, such as pollution, cold & hot weathers. 

    Soothing Shaving Gel – 150ml

    If you’ve been looking for a gel that allows you to shave fast, without cuts or irritation, then look no further, ideal for men who have sensitive and irritable skin but still desire the clean shaven look with a blade. The gel transforms itself into a thick rich foam that lifts the hair, making it easier for the blade to glide over the skin, helping to avoid cuts and irritation.\

    Redness Preventing After Shave Balm

    This super healing after shave balm helps the recovery of cuts and irritation caused from shaving. The main super ingredient is Dragon’s Blood Extract. A tree found exclusively in the Amazon Rainforest, historically it was applied after battle, to help tribal warriors heal quicker. With modern science now understand the unique properties of the extract helps the skin to regenerate 10 to 20 times faster.


    Dragon’s Blood Extract – Heals wound, and minor cuts

    Siberian Ginseng – Stabilises cell metabolism and activates the immune system, protect skin from environmental stress

    Organic Silica – Will firm the skin and promote collagen production

    Vitamin C – Skeyndor’s formulation means greater cell absorption. Provides active cell metabolism, antioxidants, reduces cell damage by UV rays, inhibit melanin production

    Thermal Water – Contains Magnesium and more than 25 trace elements and minerals. Rebalances and remineralises the skin.

    Plant extract – Calming, soothing, healing and decongesting

    Cell Energising Extracts – Energizing, anti-ageing.



    Energising Anti-Age Serum

    After cleansing, apply ENERGISING ANTI-AGE SERUM to the face and neck with gentle, circular movements until completely absorbed. Pay particular attention to the areas where it is needed the most.

    Soothing Shaving Gel – 150ml

    Dampen face with warm water, place a small amount of gel into the hand, apply over the beard, the gel will expand in size and transform into a rich foam. It is not necessary to shake the container. Wait 30-60 seconds after application of shaving foam before shaving.

    Redness Preventing After Shave Balm

    After shaving, apply small amounts of After Shave Balm on clean skin. Allow for it to absorb and then combine with other Skeyndor Men Line products. Recommended Shine-Control Moisturising Emulsion, Eye Bag Gel and/or Anti-Aging Energising Serum.